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Lesson Information

Thanks for contacting the Birdsnest for lessons.

We offer lessons on the following instruments:

Guitar (Acoustic &  Electric ) - Bass - Piano -  Electronic - Drums - Ukelele - Voice - Banjo - Mandolin - Harmonica


Lessons are $25 per half hour

Effective September 1, 2023, The Birdsnest will begin charging for lessons in advance on a monthly basis. Payments will be due at the first lesson of each month. If you know that you will be unable to attend a lesson please let us know at the beginning of the month, and if an unexpected conflict comes up we will work to reschedule the lesson. In the event the lesson cannot be rescheduled during the same month it will carry over to the next. 

Please contact Billy Jones directly for any and all cancellations or make up lessons. 

text name and appointment time to: 704-651-4658 or email @

Cancellation Policy: Please allow us at least 8 hours ahead of lesson if you need to cancel.

Last minute cancellations will result in having to pay for the missed lesson.


Teaching Philosophy:

Here at the Birdsnest, we want you to grow as fast as possible in music. Each student is different, and we ask each student to bring in music that they enjoy. By learning music through this method, we have found that most students progress at a faster rate. If you are working on something you like, in life and in music,  then it does not feel as much like work. Our goal is to help each student get the fundamentals and techniques down through song, and keep moving towards theory and evolving their experience while playing songs that they enjoy. We are happy to go the old route too, music theory first and a ruler to whack your knuckles when you make a mistake, but most of our students choose the first path.

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