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Billy Jones  

About The Nest

About The Nest

 Guitarist Billy Jones came to Davidson in 1998, while en route to a planned move to Asheville. He landed a job at The Soda Shop on Main Street, and “just fell in love with the place.” Soon, the Asheville move was canceled, Jones settled here, and became a regular on the local music scene.

Thanks to Jones, the music scene in Davidson got a music shop, studio and hangout on Main Street called The Birdsnest. With the help of a parade of friends, he renovated about 2,000 square feet upstairs from Davidson Violins at 102 N. Main St. Jones and other local musicians now offer lessons and host student performances for family and friends.  

Jones wants to continue building the community of musicians that has grown around Davidson in recent decades.






You’ve probably seen Billy Jones around town, usually with a guitar in his hands. He plays often at Summit Coffee (with the house band, The Pocket) and is a regular musical guest on the Village Green and elsewhere. A native North Carolinian and self-taught musician, Jones has recorded six albums over the past few years:  And for the past twenty years, he has taught music professionally in the area. To hear some of his music, please visit




About Billy

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